Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life is Peachy!

I've moved!

The new home, Life is Peachy, is up and slowly I'm filling it up with posts that I think can add value to your life, as much as it does on mine. It's not just a website to showcase my handmade projects this time, but a home filled with so much creativity, passion and love that aims to empower people who appreciates crafts and DIY projects try and do it too!

I've decided to leave the old posts behind and to start really fresh on the new home but then again, who knows, I just might consider bringing some of my posts from here there, too. After all, I'm not sure if I'm ready to really let go of all the wonderful memories here.

But the new home is really something that makes me happy! And it's live! I hope you continue to support me there. Please do visit and drop by to say hi as often as you visited me here on The Joyful Crafter.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out my new home (, I'll be waiting -- can't wait to give you a warm welcome there! See you!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I'm moving!

Not long ago, I started this blog to document my crafting projects. This being the other part of my online home -- the result of the division I made out of my very first blog after Multiply (the platform I used to document my daily musings) was dissolved. When I  was still writing on the first one, this feeling started growing. slowly. A feeling I never really understood until recently. Back then I thought it's merely caused by the posts I publish that don't really connect. Hence the decision to separate and create two separate blogs -- one for the more personal things I write about ( and the second for my craft adventures and projects, this 'The Joyful Crafter'.

I thought that that was the solution to resolve the growing, strange, void that I was feeling inside me or running in my head. On the other hand, the absence online to write a post was a phase, friends told me as the 'writer's block'. But all of those were not really true...

In short, I WAS WRONG.

I thought it was crazy, haha! Who wouldn't -- putting up blogs, moving, writing, time... all of those, still,  I couldn't figure out what the problem is? I know how much writing means to me -- but I couldn't bring myself to write anything. What really is that something that slowly crawl upon and bothered me -- has been a growing question I searched high and low but could not really answer.

Until I took the WAHMdefullYearStarter through Manila Workshops where I met two really great speakers, Ms Ginger Arboleda and Ms Martine de Luna, a blog coach at Make it Blissful. Thanks to the misconception I have of my 'issue', I thought the problem stemmed from the lack of time management thus the workshop about it. Having been able to listen to the blog coach, Martine's, talk -- the workshop became the medium to open up my eyes on the real issue I've been having for a while already. It was never time, not the mere topics I share on one or two blogs, nor was it the aesthetics... but the lack of mission, reason and direction to continue. 

To support my journey towards this CHANGE (the change I've been secretly wanting to happen), upon learning Martine's Blog Bliss: Blog Your Best Year workshop held at La Creperie in QC last Feb 01, I immediately signed up! I know I couldn't miss out on this wonderful chance to do things better this time! Like a luxury car that's slowly running out of gas -- I feel that got lots to offer and share but isn't fuelled enough to go on... Thankfully I made the decision but most importantly, a big hug and thanks to the Lord for leading me towards that direction!

So what's brewing? A new and BETTER online home that is full of inspiration, crafted with so much love and purpose! I'm excited, loving every bits of it, and I'm hoping that just like me, you'll love it there, too! I will still be The Joyful Crafter that you know, and I will still be sharing with you my works... But it's going to be a whole lot better there because I will be more focused into filling up just 1 home! 

'Til then, I won't be able to update this and the Peach Hullabaloo site, but I will be working on getting everything ready for you in the 'new' home. See you there, soon! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A&H Project

These are the projects I'll be so busy in the next few months...
* Tinghun Boutonniere
* Bridal Bouquet
* Mother's Bouquets
* Principal Sponsors' Bouquets
* Secondary Sponsors' Bouquests
* Groom's Boutonniere
* Father's Boutonniere
* Principal Sponsors' Boutonniere
* Secondary Sponsors' Boutonniere
* Wedding Cord

Yup it's a wedding project!
...for a couple who's so dear to me.
I haven't tried doing most of it in the past, except for the lasso/cord, so other than being excited -- I am also extremely terrified that it's been keeping me up all night!

I started getting my hands on making some of the flowers... these are not the actual ones that I will be using for the wedding, I just want to get the hang of it.
I read somewhere that for someone who haven't tried making bouquets in the past, s/he must attempt to make several ones first to come up with the successful one!

the singed flowers
See those tips with burns? Nope they're not burned fabrics, they're just traces of pens haha..
Practice really teaches you a lot of things, eh?

With me is the bride herself! 
See the happy look on the DIY bride's face? Pretty!

I really hope we come up with projects she'll love!

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